Singaporeans love to eat, and many people visit the country every year for the same reason. There is no denying that Singapore’s culinary scene is the one of the world’s best, with dozens of cuisines being represented at the highest possible level.

Certain types of food that are popular all over the globe can also be found in similarly excellent forms in Singapore. The best BBQ catering services in Singapore, for instance, are more than a match for all those that any other country can boast.

Singapore Has a Lot to Offer to BBQ Fans

Grilling meats and vegetables over high, intense heat is a great way to bring out their most appealing flavors. With the fire below adding its own touch, the resulting food can be some of the most delicious anyone could hope to experience.

Leading catering services in Singapore have taken BBQ to a level that few people elsewhere have ever been able to enjoy. Some of the types of BBQ that are most often served to great effect all over the island are:

  • Teriyaki chicken. Although teriyaki is of Japanese origin, Singapore has gratefully adopted it. Combining soy sauce with rice wine and a touch of sugar produces a glaze that complements chicken perfectly. Grill the prepared meat over hot coals and a spectacular dish emerges. Events that feature teriyaki chicken barbecued by local caterers always earn praise from guests.
  • Sambal prawns. People all over Indonesia and beyond love the chili sauce known there as “sambal.” Countless menus in Singapore feature dishes that rely heavily on the sauce’s pungent flavor. Coating prawns with sambal before cooking them on a barbecue is a surefire way to delight many palates. Despite being delicately flavored themselves, prawns available in Singapore stand up readily to this intense treatment.
  • Belacan fish. A shrimp-based paste locally known as “belacan” is a mainstay of Cantonese and Malaysian cooking. Covering fillets of dory in belacan prepares them perfectly for cooking on a BBQ.

Many More Ways to Enjoy BBQ in Singapore

Some of Singapore’s top catering companies serve BBQ favorites like these to diners all the time. There are many more ways to appreciate the delights of barbecue while living in or visiting Singapore.