A Comprehensive Guide through Oil Tank Sweep

A comprehensive home inspection is crucial before making an offer for a property. Commonly, home inspections are usually focused on the structural aspects of a property, and not anything to discover if there is an underground oil tank. Requesting an oil tank sweep is crucial because of the financial liability and health concerns associated with leaking oil tanks. Leaking oil tanks will contaminate both the surrounding soil and groundwater. Oil tank inspection is one of the services that should be provided by the home inspector you intend to hire when purchasing a property. The need to carry out an oil tank sweep is emphasized if the property was built in the 1900s. You should know that homes built in the 1900s used oil for heating that was supplied by an underground oil tank.

The goal of an oil tank sweep is to establish if there is an underground oil tank that the existence of a particular property. Investigating if there is an underground oil tank involves both visual cues and the use of subsurface detection tools. In case an underground oil tank is found, it is important that you remove the tank before purchasing the property. Removing an oil tank is usually costly since there are leaks. The best way to protect yourself from the financial burden is by hiring a home inspector that will check for the existence of an underground oil tank. In case you have to purchase the property, talk to the seller to bear the financial burden.

Since oil tank sweep is costly, most people choose to ignore the need for the crucial activity. However, living in a property that has a leaking underground tank might result in expensive contamination issues. One way to ensure that you spend less is finding oil tank sweep experts that offer a no-obligation cost estimate to prospective clients.

Most homeowners who are aware of the existence of an underground oil tank do not always disclose the information to buyers. Also, chances are high that you might not find documents with such a crucial piece of information. Because of this, you advise the home inspectors to investigate if there is an underground oil tank. Contact a good oil tank sweep expert that has vast experienced in the field and has a permit to carry out a comprehensive home inspection so that you can avoid the financial, health, and environmental effects of having a leaking oil tank on your property.

Examine the technology that is used by an oil tank sweep expert before hiring the services. GPR is the right methodology for detecting a leaking underground tank. Now that you understand the importance of oil tank sweep, you should consider it before buying a property.

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